Dreamcatcher Workshop Gift Certificate

Dreamcatcher Workshop Gift Certificate

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This purchase acts as a pre-paid ticket to enter the event - please ensure you have your receipt for proof of payment.  If you have been provided a physical ticket, that will also suffice as proof of payment. Nia:wen/Thank you!

The Attendee MUST email Ashley@bougiebirch.ca to register your name and choose a workshop date. 

Physical copies of tickets can be provided upon request.


Have you always wanted to learn how to create traditional Indigenous dreamcatchers? Don’t miss your chance to get hands-on training at ADAAWE, and learn about the cultural significance behind this age-old tradition.

 Join ADAAWE member Ashley Clark, founder of Bougie Birch, for a craft-filled evening and learn to Create a Dreamcatcher with Bougie Birch.


Join us to:

Learn the basics of crafting dreamcatchers. 

Understand the history behind Indigenous-crafted dreamcatchers.

Discuss Indigenous traditions regarding dreamcatchers.

Get a dreamcatcher creation kit from Bougie Birch

Create your own dreamcatcher on-site

$25 registration fee includes materials and event entry