Our Story

Be fearlessly authentic.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Bougie Birch, where the ancient traditions of indigenous craftsmanship intertwine with contemporary artistry. Located in the heart of Ottawa, Canada, Bougie Birch passionately illuminates the beauty and cultural richness of indigenous art forms through its meticulously curated collection of beadwork, dreamcatchers, and other exquisite creations. With a deep reverence for ancestral traditions, Bougie Birch not only celebrates authenticity but also strives to make these treasures accessible to all. By fostering an inclusive environment, Bougie Birch invites individuals from diverse backgrounds to embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and cultural appreciation. Step into a realm where craftsmanship, storytelling, and authenticity intertwine, and allow Bougie Birch to ignite your imagination, illuminate your soul
, and empower you to embrace the beauty of indigenous artistry.

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Ashley Katonhetsheri:io and I am the Founder of Bougie Birch.  A proud native of Kingston, Ontario, Canada, my roots trace back to the Bear Clan of the Wahta Mohawk community nestled in the scenic lands of Muskoka, Ontario. Life led me on a transformative journey, and in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, after losing my job and facing physical challenges, I found solace in returning to my indigenous heritage as a source of healing. In this pivotal moment, Bougie Birch emerged, the culmination of my lifelong passion for art and my profound connection to my cultural identity.

As a child, my parents nurtured my artistic spirit, providing me with scrapbook supplies, bead kits, and an appreciation for the beauty of nature. The pandemic forced me to pause, allowing the voice of that little girl within me to resurface, demanding her rightful place in the healing process. Empowered by a decade of business experience, I embraced this opportunity to give voice to that inner child, infusing her artistic expression with a newfound level of entrepreneurial expertise. Thus, Bougie Birch was born, a testament to the resilience of my spirit and the embodiment of my decolonization journey through art.